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FKKTOUR has been doing tours to Germany’s BEST FKK CLUBS since 1995. We have over 5,000 satisfied customers and have completed over 1,000 tours. No one knows the FKK Club tour scene better than us; more guides, more tours and more experience, period. Back in the late 80’s, our founders discovered their first FKK Club in Germany. They could not believe their eyes at what they found. Totally nude women, world class service and ultra low prices. They instantly became fanatics and searched Germany for more club locations. Back in the 80’s, the clubs catered more to locals and German speakers. In fact, it was common for most non-German speakers to be rejected entry into the clubs.

FKKTOUR started offering tours to single men from all over the world. Our services allowed new guests who had no experience or knowledge to gain access into this new Adult entertainment option. Back then, most men did not believe what German FKK Clubs had to offer. In fact, the term “GFE, or Girl Friend Experience” was first used to describe these clubs. Kissing is common, as well as all the other traits of GFE. Not only do the FKK Clubs offer the best service, they also offer a world class selection of women. While you find mainly Asians in popular Asian destinations like Thailand and mainly Latinas in Central and South America, in the FKK Clubs one finds women from all over the world. The other major attraction is that adult fun is LEGAL in Germany and has been for decades. This attracts women from all over the world who come to Germany to work in a safe, legal and financially sound environment.

FKKTOUR is responsible for helping more people find the FKK CLUBS than anyone. Via our close contacts and working relationships with the clubs, we opened more doors to clubs which meant a bigger customer base for their business. Our guests all received first hand instructions, tips, guidance and history about the clubs. This meant during their first visit to an FKK CLUB they knew the rules and how it all works. Guests enjoyed an endless knowledge of which women offered the best services.  Our hands-on experience goes beyond the wanna-be experts who post second hand information via the internet. Information coming from the internet is often flawed because some clubs and women post false information in an attempt to get new customers. Our guides get their info directly from the sources and club management; info that most people are unable to obtain.

We started offering Group FKK Club tours back in 1995.  Prior to that we offered smaller one-on-one tours for private parties. Our tours ranged from 5 to 10 days and included Germany and The Netherlands.  Today, our FKK Club tours include 6 and 8 day Group tours, Private Group tours and Hourly tours, all of which can be booked via our secure shopping cart using your Visa or MasterCard.  Remember, anyone who does not directly accept credit cards and asks you to bring cash for payment is not a professional business. We suggest you take caution and avoid being ripped off by anyone who asks you to wire transfer funds or bring large sums of cash for payment. Paying for your hotel and transportation in Euros will cost you up to 30% more than when paying in US Dollars. Our prices have always been in US Dollars and paid via credit card.

We offer a simple and organized package that includes picking you up from the airport, daily transportation to and from the clubs, plus hotel accommodations with private bath and shower. Even free WiFi is included, to stay in contact with business and family while on tour. Any funds you bring will be for entry fees and entertainment costs, which you pay directly to the women and clubs. We’re the only FKK Club Tour that offers discount entry to certain clubs; this means more money savings for you.

You’ll be dealing with real English speakers, not someone from a totally different country. Plus, our guides speak fluent German so you’ll always be able to communicate via translation and know what’s going on. This is very obvious if you visit a website and notice substandard English and poor grammar. In fact, some sites are so bad that what is written there makes no sense. The other negative is their high prices. They’ll claim you’ll be driven around in nice upscale cars, stay in expensive hotel rooms and even offer you a cell phone. The fact is, this all comes down to higher prices and lower service in the end. People running these sites don’t really have that much experience and have only been to a few clubs. What is even worse, the last thing you want is to visit with someone who does not have a relationship with club management.  When deciding who to travel with, do some homework and find out how long they’ve really been doing club tours. Visits with friends does not count.  We mean real tours, visiting lots of clubs and knowing the management and owners on a first name basis. After all, if you’ve been doing this for a long time you should be familiar with management and staff.  The last thing you want is to be refused entry or asked to leave because you have no management contacts.

We don’t just deal with a few clubs in one region; we have experience with all the regions and almost all FKK Clubs in Germany. Our customer base has gotten so large the clubs often contact us requesting us to visit. Which clubs to visit is one of the most important aspects of our business. We’re not like a taxi driver who gets a small commission when he brings guests to their clubs. We’re about our customers and their experience. We visit only the best clubs, at the best times with the very best girls. After all, our goal is for you to enjoy your visit and become a happy customer. By the way, we’re the only FKK Club tour company that offers liberal repeat guest discounts. That’s right, our prices go down the more you visit with us!

With our large customer base and repeat guests, you’ll be traveling with other FKK TOUR guests who speak the same language and come from the same countries. You’ll never be alone, you’ll have instant friends during your visit to share your experiences and knowledge. Our guests end up knowing more about German FKK Clubs than most people, period.  You’ll avoid wasted time and money going to the wrong FKK Clubs or FKK Clubs that don’t offer the best value for your money.

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