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Germany’s FKK Clubs are known for huge selections of women, total nudity and (GFE) Girl Friend Experience Service. FKK Clubs are designed for comfort, allowing you to stay a while; price includes food, drink and up to 50-120 FKK Club women at one FKK club. Guests enjoy visiting the entire day, getting to know the FKK Club women, drinking, dining and viewing them in full daylight. Do yourself a favor and spend some time at our site to find out what you’ve been missing! FKK Clubs are often located in mansions or industrial complexes containing huge outdoor areas, pools similar to the Playboy mansion and with you as the center of attention. Germany builds some of the world’s finest sports cars, but what they won’t tell you is they also have the world’s best gentleman’s clubs. They are safe, legal and FKK Club Tours makes visiting them easy. Just a short plane ride; we pick you up, arrange your hotel and transport you to and from over 12 different German FKK Clubs during your FKK Club adventure. Best of all, other English speaking guests will be your company and support group with whom you can share info, advice and suggestions. Many of our guests travel with us often and take advantage of our frequent traveler rates. Find out why our guests use our services again and again.  We make it easy.

What we offer
The Original FKK Club Tour offers the single or divorced gentleman a safe, legal and economical FKK Club tour vacation where they can relax, enjoy and visit over 150 top quality, model type women from around the globe. Germany invented the spa for men; a place for relaxation, fine food, drink, pools, massage and beautiful European women. No pressure, games or haggling. Set prices at unbelievable rates. Over 500 FKK Clubs are located in Germany. Be the Playboy you’ve always wanted to be; treat yourself to a dream trip of a lifetime, pamper yourself for far less than what you’re used to paying. We make it simple; we offer airport pick up, transportation to and from the best FKK Clubs, including hotel at one affordable package rate paid via safe, secure credit card in US Dollars. No exchange rates, no worries about how to get there, which clubs are best and how it all works. No need to speak German. Travel with other English speaking guests from various countries. Our guests receive VIP treatment from the FKK Clubs we visit. Club approved since 1995, no one has more experience or knowledge when it comes to German FKK Clubs.

What does our service include?
Economical hotel, transportation and guide services gets you to the best clubs, factories and site-seeing. Depending on which interests you, one payment includes airport pick up and return, hotel, transportation to and from the best FKK Clubs, translator, driver and 24 hour guide. Guides speak fluent German as well as English, are infinitely knowledgeable about German FKK Clubs, the culture and history. We make it easy; just arrive and meet your guide, sit back and let us do the driving and planning. You’ll be around good company and English speaking guests who enjoy the same hobby. Our services do NOT include entry to the German FKK Clubs or services inside the German FKK Clubs. Group discount entry is available at some clubs. For Pricing check HERE
The acronym “FKK” means “Frei Koerper Kultur”, which when translated means “Free Body Culture” and has long referred to the nudist lifestyle. The definition also refers to German FKK Clubs, which were started over 30 years ago. German FKK Clubs are located far from most major town centers and cities. They offer discerning gentlemen places to relax in discreet privacy and a legal environment designed for pleasure. They’re health spas or men’s clubs, where guests enjoy massage or a steam sauna, enjoy catered, restaurant-quality food and beverages and enjoy the company of attractive women, all at reasonable prices.
German FKK Clubs feature ultra attractive women, aged 18-30’s. Multinational women from all over the planet work at German FKK Clubs, providing customers a choice from endless nationalities. Some German FKK Clubs feature a single nationality or region and cater to specific tastes; for example, Asian or Latina.  The larger German FKK Clubs have up to 150 women working on any given day. Smaller German FKK Clubs offer a good-sized selection of 15-50 girls. Guests are bound to find someone who appeals to them. Most German FKK Clubs maintain strict standards for service.
Entry fees and entertainment fees are reasonable, even at today’s exchange rates. There is no wasted time. Everyone pays the same prices. No one is overcharged due to physical appearance or perceived financial status. Entry fees include free food and beverages and use of all facilities (saunas, swimming pools, etc.). Guests are encouraged to stay as long as they like.
Clubs include everything needed for your stay (a robe or a towel worn around the waist, and sandals). Women are totally nude, or at most, wearing lingerie or bikinis, in natural lighting. There are no surprises when you get to the room. Most German FKK Clubs provide a no-pressure environment, leaving guests free to approach the women. There’s no pressure to do anything.

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