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FKK Club Oase is about 20 minutes north of Frankfurt center. Public transportation to get to the club involves multiple options such as ICE, S Bahn and Buses.

FKK Club Oase is one of the original clubs, with a history that goes back well over a decade. Located in a small town next to the A5, you’ll pass fields and livestock on your way. Back in the day Oase competed with  the legendary Atlantis club in Altenstadt. Known to host 100 or more women during peak periods, this club was famous at the time for plenty of couch action. Since the customer base has changed over the last several years from Germans to tourists, that is now less common. However, it’s still common to take your selected gal into the kino for some oral action and DFK before a room visit. Taking a seat solo in the kino sends a message to eager providers that you’re ready for some action.

Oase just finished some major renovations that started several years ago. The parking lot was upgraded with cement tiles, security and closed circuit video surveillance. Next came more rooms and central AC. They also added a large stainless steel pool and expanded outdoor gardens complete with soccer field and private cabana style tents for outdoor action. The garden also has its own bar, as well as BBQ that is served during the warmer Summer months. Originally, Oase had a pool where the indoor jacuzzi is today.  Rarely used, the entire room was reworked adding several smaller rooms and the now extra large jacuzzi, which is just across from the restaurant and coffee bar.

Your entry fee gets you access to the club, as well as one deluxe offering from the restaurant in the form of an authentic Italian style pizza, pasta or salad. Buffet style food is always available and included in the entry fee. Should  you wish for more, such as made to order restaurant food, you’ll have to buy additional food chips at the entrance.

The pole dancing room just to the left as you enter is also an after thought and was part of the expansion. Back in the day, the club had red carpeting and bamboo accents as well as hollow light up statues. Smaller and quaint, the club was well known for personal service and a strong following of international girls.

From the parking lot you follow the walkway to the entry. Pay your 70 Euro entry fee, decide if you require a robe and enter the club directly to the left. You’ll note the security lockers on the right wall as you enter, just next to the Red bull vending machine. Go straight back and take the stairway down to the men’s locker room.

Oase was the brainchild of one man who came from a background of working security at the clubs. Today, it’s run by a college grad manager and several assistant mangers with club backgrounds.

Ober-Erlenbacher-Straße 109
61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Telephone +49 6007 930643

Website FKK Club Oase

70€ Entry Fee
50€ 30 Minutes
100€ 60 Minutes

Daily 11:00am – 05:00am
Friday – Saturday 11:00am – 05:00am
Holidays, to be announced

FOOD: Included
Hot Buffet served all day
1 Free Restaurant item with entry, 10-15E for additional items
Breakfast 11:am – 3:00pm
Lunch-Dinner 3:00pm – Closing

Coffee, Tea
Bottled Beer, 10E

Extra Charge for:
Red Bull

Indoor, Extra Large whirlpool
Outdoor pool
Soccer area with goal
Outdoor BBQ area
Sun Bathing area
Outdoor Sauna

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