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FKK Club Sharks is about 25 minutes south of Frankfurt center. Using public transportation to get to the club involves multiple options, such as S Bahn and Buses.

FKK Club Sharks has only been around for a few years compared to its competition, FKK Club The Palace, FKK Club Oase and FKK Club World. FKK Club Sharks is situated in a warehouse located behind a car dealership. The large, multi-floor complex includes an outdoor garden with pool, with over 4,000 square meters of area.

It’s rumored that the large fish tank located in the middle of the club once had an actual Shark, but was replaced by fresh water fish such as carp due to animal rights group complaints.

Security lockers, towels, sandals and robes are all provided inclusive of the entry fee. Free parking is located adjacent to the entrance, with extra parking located on the street and a vacant lot across the street in the direction of the building supply store. You’ll be issued a key plus computer tag, which logs your alcoholic drinks, that you pay for upon departure.

More rooms that include themes were recently added upstairs to the right, which are located above the new men’s locker room and restroom. The Kamasutra room, which was next to the S&M room located to the right of the fish tank, has been removed and expanded with 10 more rooms. Mirrors are in several rooms, as well as one specific mirror theme room is available.

The locker room has multiple showers, several toilets and urinals, with hair dryers, hair gel and deodorant located at the sinks. Loss of your clothing locker key will cost you 250e, so take care with your key, which also opens your security locker (located to the right as you enter the club).

There are now up to three masseuses on duty; two are located in the lower center rear, one near the indoor sauna to the far right and one midway upstairs. One masseuse usually offers authentic Thai massage. The sauna area includes a steam bath and crushed ice. A solarium is also available to the guests, located downstairs to the right of the round bed and left of the massage area. The sauna has hourly changes of fragrances, which guests are alerted to via an attendant, who rings a bell as he walks through the club announcing the change.

The porn Kino, which was located under the upper level in the far left back of the club, has been replaced with a multi-3 sided mirror room area. Basically, it is a bed (mattress) with three walls of mirrors and a current entry. The indoor pool upstairs has also been replaced with two whirlpools, one large and one small. The original whirlpool, which was located in the outcropping over the round bed, has been removed and replaced with a round couch due to water damage.

The VIP rooms upstairs, when not in use by VIP guests, are often open to use by guests when accompanied by the women.  The VIP area can be rented and includes a private entrance. VIP rooms include a bathtub and a well stocked bar with your own Sky TV system

Food: 11am – 3pm Breakfast, starting at 4pm fruit and pastry, 5pm Dinner is served. Wednesdays, Fresh Asian food is prepared via in-house chefs. Other days Italian can be found. The dining area has been expanded in a new glass enclosed area just outside the buffet area. There are also several large, flat screen TVs for SKY sport events.

FKK Club Sharks
Otto-Röhm-Straße 72
64293 Darmstadt, Germany
Telephone +49 6151 957970
Email address

Website FKK Club Sharks

65€ Entry Fee
50€ 30 Minutes
100€ 60 Minutes

Specials, and Happy Hour and Days
Sunday before 2:00 45e
Wednesdays 50e All day
Monday, Pay normal entry and get a 20e off your next visit coupon
2 Hours before closing get 25e off
Daily till 6:00pm,visit for 2 hours 25e off

Daily 11:00am – 05:00am
Friday – Saturday 11:00am – 05:00am
Holidays, to be announced

FOOD: Included
Hot Buffet Served all day
1 Free Restaurant item with entry, 10-15E for additional items
Breakfast 11:am – 3:00pm
Lunch-Dinner 5:00pm – Closing
Pastries and Fruit from 4pm
Chinese dishes included Wednesdays at 5pm

Soft drinks
Coffee, Tea
Beer from Tap, 6E

Extra Charge for:
Red Bull

Indoor, 3 whirlpools
Outdoor pool
Outdoor BBQ area
Sun Bathing area
Outdoor Sauna
ATM located in lobby
Cigarette machine in lobby
SKY Sports channels available on multiple flat screens

Special Events Photos, click on links
Playboy Playmate Blanca Brooke

ATM in lobby

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