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No one knows more about Germany’s FKK Clubs than FKK Club Tours. We’ve been doing PROFESSIONALLY GUIDED German FKK Club tours since 1995, and prior to that many of our guides already had over 10 years of experience visiting clubs. That’s right; our guides are held to the highest standards. Our info comes from club management directly, not from second-hand discussions about German FKK Clubs on the internet. We’re the original FKK Club tour run by both Americans and Germans.

Which clubs are the best?
There are over 500 FKK style clubs located in Germany. Not all of them are actual FKK Clubs. Does your guide know the difference between a real German FKK Club and a brothel? FKK Clubs and FKK women are constantly changing; while a club is on top one month, the next it’s just another club. Our guides have the latest up-to-date info on all the clubs to ensure that you’ll arrive at the best clubs during your visit.

Do the German FKK Clubs pay us?
Certainly not; we’ve never been paid by the clubs. It’s the only way to remain objective and ensure our guests visit the most popular clubs. Taxi drivers and other tour services often receive a payment per guest. This usually does not result in a cost increase to the customer, however it means your guide or taxi is not taking you to the best club but instead to a place where they profit.  We offer the best prices and most economical services because our tour is based on visiting the FKK Clubs, not providing expensive cars for transportation, side trips to Casinos or race tracks included entry fees. We’ve helped more people visit FKK Clubs than all the other copycat services combined.  When considering a legitimate tour provider, pay close attention to how you’ll be paying and in what currency. We accept payment directly and discreetly via our own secure payment system. You’ll be paying in US Dollars, which means up to 25%  in lower cost.  No exchange fees, taxes or hidden fees. Another reason our prices are lower is because we run volume tours; while others do one or two tours a year, we offer full trips 12 months a year.

Are some people refused entry to German FKK Clubs?
Certainly, and if anyone tells you otherwise it’s only because they’ve never been there when it occurred. Often, the best German FKK Clubs select the women who can work at their club. The best clubs only allow top women and often, as a result, refuse entry to some guests. German FKK Clubs are private so they retain the right to refuse entry. It’s not about how much money one has, even if you speak German. We’ve been able to help guests who have otherwise been refused entry.

When is the best time to visit Germany’s FKK Clubs?
Some uninformed guests will tell you Summer time is best, or other months based on their own experience. The truth is this varies from year to year. Actual numbers of FKK Club women are greater in the off months, such as the non-peak-tourist months from September – April. This is also due to weather conditions in other countries where some FKK Club women live. They prefer to go home and be with family during Summer months or warmer seasons. Local women follow the same patterns. However, when the weather is nice they may take off from work.

Which clubs have more women?  The clubs in Hesse (within 100km of Frankfurt) are without doubt some of the largest German FKK Clubs in both physical size and number of women. The biggest FKK Clubs have had upwards of 150 women at one time. This is often the case during large parties and seasonal days. The northern area near Dusseldorf may have more FKK Clubs, but most are smaller and less popular. The biggest FKK Club in that area has reported about 100 women total. Women are drawn to German FKK Clubs for several reasons; A. It’s legal in Germany, B. The huge German Customer base, and C. The safety factor. Working inside a German FKK Club offers women a safe, legal and comfortable setting. Women are free to change FKK Clubs and come and go as they wish. Some clubs demand that women work specific days if they wish to work at the FKK Club. This means they can’t just show up on weekends or peak periods.

What’s the best time to visit a German FKK Club?
Most FKK Clubs have two shifts, a day shift from 11am – 8-10pm and a night shift from 3-8pm tip closing, which can be 5am. Thus, visiting during the overlap gives you the best woman to man ratio. The sweet spot for German FKK Clubs is usually 3pm – 8pm. There are other issues to consider; during peak times there are also more guests and a lack of available private rooms. As a result, FKK Club Women are less interested in service and more concerned about time. Not all FKK Clubs have this problem. Visiting the right FKK Clubs during the day can be a benefit because German FKK Clubs are famous for nude women and during the day clubs are naturally lighted. Nighttime visits to those same FKK Clubs are darker with less ideal lighting.

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