What’s an FKK Club?







Watch this video for an idea of the quality and number of women you’ll find at an FKK Club

What’s an FKK Club?
A legal, safe and government approved adult entertainment club for men. Similar to Nevada’s legal Brothels in the USA.
Germany’s clubs are a bargain and offer far more in service and value. In fact, there are over 500 FKK style clubs in Germany.
The clubs and the women are taxed, operate legally and have been around for over 30 years. Women are totally nude, with the exception of high heels.
No games, no hiding behind costumes or lingerie, and it’s common to have a well lit lounge or outdoor lighting in which to view them. You get what you pay for!

How does it work?

Men and women pay an entry fee (between $30 and $70US) for an all day experience at a safe, legal facility.

What would I do there all day?

FKK Clubs differ from Nevada brothels because you’re not charged for every minute you’re around the women. In Germany, you’re free to roam the facility. Fresh hot food is available, drinks, pool, outdoor gardens and even BBQ’s are common. It’s common for guests to stay all day, lounging around with top class, international women, aged 18- 28. There is no obligation to do anything; no pressure, no sales pitch and no haggling. Have a drink with a gal, enjoy dinner and when you’re ready pay only for the time with her in a private room.  Most clubs offer plush surroundings, Jacuzzi, pool, sun bathing area, movie theater, restaurant, bar and huge lounges with over one hundred women.

Imagine having all your meals, soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea and even FREE German beer, all included during your stay. Unlimited breakfast, lunch and dinner is served during the day. You’ll be able to dine with the women so you can get to know them better.  Why go to a strip club and pay for expensive drinks and lap dances when you can pay one small fee and do more than just touch?

What does it cost to take a woman to the room?

The cost is fairly standard at most FKK Clubs, approximately $55US for each 30 minutes. This is far less expensive compared to US prices and what they include. Clubs have rules and standards; while the women are independent contractors, they are expected to offer a standard level of service. Kissing, multiple positions and oral are all included. You can extend your time and services for just $55 more each 30 minutes.

What kind of women are at FKK Clubs?
While Asia has Asians and Latin America has Latinas, Germany’s clubs are famous for a variety of international women, which means something from every continent and for every taste. Germany is a western country that is safe, clean and legal. Women come from all over the world to work at these legal clubs.

What do the men wear?
The club provides you everything you need. A private security locker, a changing room, showers, a bath robe (which you’ll wear during your visit), bath slippers and towels. Pay your entry fee, get changed into something comfortable (a robe) and enjoy. Everyone’s treated the same since all guests are wearing the same thing.

What are you providing?
We make it simple, in plain English. Select a date when one of our 6 or 8 day tours takes place. All you need to do is fly to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA). We meet you at the airport, nothing to worry about. We handle it from there; for the duration of your trip we’ll arrange your transportation, lodging and then return you to the airport. You’ll be with a guide with over 20 years of experience. One who speaks fluent German and English. Everything will be explained in English. You’ll get personal guidance, advice and help in order to have the best possible time. No one knows more than our staff and no one has more knowledge or years of experience. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Do I need a passport?
Yes, U.S.Citizens require a valid passport; however, no visa is needed. More HERE
How long does it take to get a passport?  HERE
Standard time from when you apply is 4-6 weeks, or just 3 weeks for expedited service.

What do we charge?
A 6 day tour is 1,999 U.S. Dollars and includes airport pick up, return, 6 nights hotel, 20+ year Experienced guide, driver and daily transportation to and from the best FKK Clubs.

What do the women look like?
Actual Photos of girls at Babylon FKK club HEREActual Photos of girls at Samya FKK Club HERE

Due to the discreet nature of our business, we’re unable to provide you with direct contact info for our testimonials.
We do guarantee them to be authentic and written by actual FKK Tour guests.

FKK Tour Testimonials:

Joe S.F. CA USA Lawyer 52
I’ve been on over 5 of these trips and will keep doing them cause you can’t beat the cost. FKK Tour does all the trip planning, reservations, driving and navigation, things I don’t want to worry about. Germany is now my number 1 adult destination.

Bob OR FL USA Doctor 52
My biggest problem is time and FKK Tour went out of their way to plan my trip to make the most of my time off. It’s easy, just get off the plane, they pick you up, sit back enjoy the view, they know all the best clubs. After a full day of fun you won’t want to be the one driving or worrying about anything but sleep anyway.

Lee SD CA USA Doctor 48
I’ve made so many friends on these trips. You’ll see more going with the tour as they are most efficient in getting you to the clubs. The guides are always helpful and available to translate and work out special requests from the ladies. I go as often as 3 times a year.

Arnie OC CA Writer 38
I used to frequent Nevada till I went on my first Germany FKK tour years ago. You can’t compare the quality of women, the service and especially the price. Even after going to the clubs alone I prefer going with a group and the tour. When you compare the hotel, transportation and time, taking the tour makes total sense.

Tako TY Japan Engineer 28
Company include Japanese translator which made easier for me. I like the many model type women, quality is number 1, service is like Girl Friend. Women and clubs were very friendly to Asian man. Guides do all driving and work, you relax and enjoy the many women.

John LB CA USA Banker 36
I was skeptical at first but after my first trip I was hooked. The women I could only dream of are plentiful and the price is right. I’ve driven in Europe before and it’s not fun or easy. I arrived as a stranger and by the end of the week I had a bunch of new friends who enjoy the same hobby. Everything they say on the FKK Tour web site is true, it’s a great deal and the best way to go.

Martin LV NV Attorney 35
I checked these guys out before reserving my seat. They answered all my questions, helped me plan my flight and were there for me the entire trip. I can enjoy the German beer and not worry about driving or finding my hotel. This will be my 3rd trip. Believe me this is the ultimate adult vacation deal and FKK Tour makes it even easier.g my hotel. This will be my 3rd trip. Believe me this is the ultimate adult vacation deal and FKK Tour makes it even easier.
Alex LA CA 50
I’ve been to Thailand, Nevada, Mexico, Holland and even Canada but nothing holds a candle to these German FKK Club tours. No need to go out and search for women, no surprises as they’re all nude without the low lighting you find at strip clubs. You don’t pay for sitting with them, you only pay for the actual fun in the room. No rushing, no women who are afraid of touching you and best of all they actually seem to enjoy it. The clubs are impeccably clean, safe and even provide your food and drink at no extra charge. The girls I talked to even have regular medical check ups. No problems getting into the clubs cause the FKK Tour guides know club management well. Did I mention SELECTION, it’s true, nothing compares, you’re like a kid in a candy store with women from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Terry SJ CA Retired 64
I’m over 60 and I thought I’d be with a bunch of young studs, but to my surprise the average guy was about 45. My next worry was being older that I’d have trouble performing so much. Forget Viagra, the women were so hot and into me I did 6 the first day. Everything is explained to you in English, the club rules, pricing and even some tips that really helped me get the most out of my trip. Never could have done this alone of without FKK Tour.

Dean NY NY IT 33
I’m Black and I was worried about how I’d be treated by the women and clubs. I had heard that some clubs don’t allow non- Germans. FKK tour ensured me I had nothing to worry about, in fact being Black was a positive as lots of the women were attracted to me. Never got turned down and never had a problem getting into the clubs thanks to Fkk Tour.

Jeff NY NY Handicapped 32
FKK Tour is a handicapped friendly company and made a special effort to help ensure me a great time. Even the ladies did not have a problem with my handicaps. I was treated like all the other guests and had a great time. Truly the best time for your money.

Jess CA Handicapped 48
FKK Tour went out of their way to make my trip simple, fun and safe. They picked me up from the airport, got me special treatment at the clubs. Explained the rules, pricing and even helped me pick the right women. Most companies won’t deal with Blind or handicapped folks but FKK Tour welcomed me.

03/10/17 J

FKK Clubs are huge gated, legal, safe and secure spas for men


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