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The ORIGINAL German FKK Club Tour offers several types of tours:

fkks of Germany fkktour offers package tours








German FKK Club Group Tour
German FKK Club Group tours are 6 or 8 days, held on specific dates HERE.  We also offer Private Group Tours before and after regular Group Tours, where you get to pick your traveling companions.

Group Tours Include:
Airport Pick up and Return (German FKK Club tours meet at 12:00 noon at the Frankfurt International Airport)
German FKK Club tours returns you to the Frankfurt International Airport before 12:00 noon the day after the last tour day
Daily transportation to and from the FKK Clubs
Expert, Experienced German FKK Club tour guide is fluent in German and English; our guides have more experience and knowledge about the best German FKK Clubs than anyone
Detailed information about the German FKK Clubs you’ll visit, how German FKK Clubs got started, the history of German FKK Clubs and the women
With 20+ years of FKK experience, knowledge and expertise, you’ll be with the best

German FKK Club Hourly Tour (1 or more persons for 6 hours; more or less time is possible)

Tour Includes:
Airport Pick up and Return for the following Airports:
Frankfurt International Airport
Dusseldorf International Airport
Cologne International Airport

Train station pick up
Hotel Pick up

Personal driver, guide fluent in English and German. Usually our guides are native German or English speakers (one or the other). Beware of guides who don’t speak German or English as a first language. Some copycat tour services are run by people who don’t even speak proper English.

German FKKs are located all over Germany; over 500 FKKs can be found, but not all of them are worth your time and effort. Depending on what tour type you need, we offer scheduled Group Tours as well as Hourly Tours, as well as Custom Tours for those who need totally custom schedules and privacy.

More about German FKK Club Hourly Tours in detail can be found HERE

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