FKK Club Tours Private Group Tour
A private group tour is what the name implies, 6 nights hotel and 6 days of visiting the best German FKK Clubs with a group of friends that you select. These private group tours are only held on specific dates shown on the FKK CLUB TOUR calendar in orange, which can be found HERE.

Private Group Tour Includes:

  • 6 Nights Hotel
  • 6 Days of Club visits
  • You’ll visit over 10 different FKK clubs (up to 225km away)
  • Expert Guide with 20+ years Experience in FKK Clubs
  • Tour begins at 12:00 noon of first day
  • Tour ends the day after the last day, shuttle goes to airport at 10:00am
  • Ultimate knowledge base in FKK Club history, culture and rules
  • Guides are Fluent native English and German Speakers
  • Airport pick up and Return
  • Guide is available 24 hours
  • One price covers all the logistics during your tour
  • Pay via secure Master Card and Visa server
  • Discount Group Entry to certain clubs*

Tour cost does not include the following:

  • Club entry fees, which range from 25 – 65 Euros per club
  • Entertainment fees, which start at 50 Euros per 30 minutes
  • Airfare to and from Germany

All clubs on the tour include food, which means breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your entry fee.

What do the clubs include in my entry fee?:
Buffet and made to order breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some offer snacks, fruit, cookies, soup and pizza. Selection of food ranges from clubs that offer full service, sit down restaurant to buffet style steam tables.

All clubs include, at no charge, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice and sparkling water. A limited number of clubs offer free beer and alcoholic beverages. Beer, when not included, is offered at a nominal charge. Alcohol is almost always extra and not included in the entry fee. Water is almost always sparkling; however, some clubs offer non-sparkling water. Ice is also included upon request.

What else is provided for my entry fee?:

  • Towels (for bathing and wearing around the waist)
  • Bath Robe
  • Bath Slippers
  • Showers, with soap
  • Toilets, with sinks for shaving and washing
  • Clothing Locker (with lock)
  • Security locker with closed circuit surveillance (for your valuables)
  • Pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor sun chairs
  • A limited number of clubs offer WiFi or internet access
  • Big Screen Theater (called Kino) showing Sports events and Adult content

What else is available at the clubs (not all) at additional cost?:

  •  Sun tanning beds
  • Professional Massage, usually 30 minutes for 30 Euros
  • Hair cut and style
  • Manicures
  • Over night stay (if desired)
  • Hard liquor
  • Special meals

Difference between Winter and Summer months
Both times of year have their negatives and positives. While the Summer offers outdoor fun and action around the pool and total nude sun bathing, more women can be found during the Winter months. Summer also means BBQ’s in outdoor gardens, nude volley ball and soccer games, as well as lounging around huge outdoor pools. Some clubs have indoor pools and full service, sit down restaurants that are not affected by the weather.

Germany gets some snow during the Winter, which also explains some of the reasons for less talent during the Summer. Women prefer to spend off time during the best weather of the year, thus make plans to go home or visit family during the Summer months.  Clubs tend to be more crowded during the Summer due to the tourist season being in full swing. Airfares are lower in the Winter months when tourist traffic is highest in Europe.

PRICE: 6 Full days costs about $2,099.00 US Dollars for one person and decreases with each additional person in your private group.  Please see THIS LINK for exact pricing.



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