Senior Discount

FKK Senior Discount Trips for those on a budget
Reserved for gents 65 and over who are on a budget*

We understand the cost can be difficult for people on a fixed income or who are retired. It’s the quality of service in other countries that does not compare to the German clubs. There’s more to a group tour than just fun with the women. We know this from so many guests who become friends and make friends with other guests on tour. You’ll be with other hobbyists of all ages to spend your day.

Flights to Frankfurt am Main, Germany; try these sites:

Look into an airline called Wow-air from Iceland as they offer Germany flights starting at $400 round-trip.
When searching for discount fares, you’re traveling to (FRA) Frankfurt am Main International Airport MAP location.

Wow Air has flights to Frankfurt from the following cities:

We include a private hotel room with private bath and free WiFi. Transportation is included for the duration of the tour. We meet you at the airport for pick up and drop you off at the end of your tour. No transportation costs to worry about.

For a more serious look as far as your costs, let’s consider the actual costs
1. Normal tour, 1-2 clubs a day
2. Minimum option, 1 club a day

Minimum option: Guests wanting only (1) club per day would stay at the first club we visit. The driver would come back to pick them up at the end of the evening, or if possible they could be dropped at the hotel after the first club if logistics work out.

The entry fees you’re looking at for 6 days is…
1. 1-2 clubs = 455 Euros
2. 1 club = 305 Euros

Prices for female entertainment is pretty standard, unless you need extras like anal. The standard cost is 50 Euros for each 30 minutes.

We would offer you a senior deal, with some restrictions and rules.
$1,999 is the normal 6 day rate in US Dollars
SENIOR DISCOUNT rate, as much as 50% off our regular rate*
1. Only available when scheduled tour takes place (The discount will not apply if you are the sole guest).
2. Special rate requires verification of senior status and is offered only upon our approval*

You’re looking at these costs:
Tour cost*
305e – 455e entry fees, depending on which option you choose
300e for (6) 30 minute sessions (Average of 1 each day)
Your Airfare

Other things to consider:
You might enjoy the sights at the clubs. We found this to be an important factor; sitting around with up to 100 totally naked girls in view has its effects, as well as entertainment value. It costs nothing to chat, look at them and enjoy the food and drink. Also, consider that the clubs include full meals with as much as you can eat, plus coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks and even beer is often included at no extra charge. We often make stops at popular sight seeing points along the way at no extra cost. Plus, the group often agrees to visit famous RLD (Red Light Districts) for sightseeing purposes only.

The general area you’ll be in when on tour:

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