If you have questions about our services, please see our Questions and Answers page for common Q&A. We have more FKK Club experience, FKK Club Knowledge and FKK Club contacts than all the competition combined. Our Fluent English and German speaking guides make getting to the best German FKK Clubs quick, easy and affordable.

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We’re the ORIGINAL FKK CLUB TOUR and first FKK CLUB TOUR to offer German FKK Club Tours. We’ve been doing these tours longer than anyone, with over 20 years of guiding groups and individuals and over 1,000 successful tours.  We have more repeat guests and club contacts at more clubs than anyone.  We offer our services in U.S. DOLLARS, which is usually 25% less expensive than paying directly in EUROS. Check prices offered in EUROS HERE before considering any costs.

Beware of persons claiming to offer tours who don’t accept credit cards directly and request you to bring large sums of cash.
Copy cats won’t offer secure and discreet credit card payment on their own system. With FKK Club Tour,  you’re dealing with people who speak both fluent English and German.  Websites that are obviously written by non-fluent English speakers is a sign of dealing with a third party, non-American Copy Cat.

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