Why not visit some of the other historic sites during your FKK Club tour to Germany? FKK Tour offers sightseeing before or after your FKK Club Tour. Plenty of things to do while visiting German FKK Clubs, like World War I and II land marks, museums and battlefields. Germany has far more than FKK Clubs; in fact, world famous Volkswagon, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche factories are not far away. Remember, when planing your FKK Club tour with us, there are other things to see and do.

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Population 82 Million
Largest Country in the EU

The People
Famous Germans
The History
The Culture
The Land

Facts about Germany

Consider the fact that Germany is a little bit bigger than Wyoming and Texas is about twice as big as Germany. The point is, things are not as far as they are in the USA.  Amsterdam is a few hours drive, as is Berlin, Munich and Basel. If not driving, Europe offers one of the best railway systems in the world.

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300km or 186 miles from Frankfurt

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